Iranian, Chinese hackers can shut our power off! USA grossly unprepared for cyber war

Keeping nukes safe from cyber attack

In the wake of a 2010 incident in which the Air Force lost contact with 50 intercontinental ballistic missiles, the service is figuring out how to protect its command-and-control systems from cyber attack — a nonexistent threat when the missiles were designed decades ago.

“Our ability to keep our networks assured and protected and not vulnerable is really important, it’s something we have looked at hard,” Maj. Gen. William Chambers, head of Air Force Global Strike Command’s nuclear deterrence shop, told Killer Apps during a Sept. 18 interview. “It’s something that we build into all of our new nuclear weapons systems so that they remain cyber-secure.”

The Iranian Hacker that owns the world:

March 26, 2011 Iranian Hacker owns Yahoo, Skype, Google, Microsoft, and Comodo SSL!

A message from Comodo Hacker


I’m writing this to all the world, so you’ll know more about us..

At first I want to give some points, so you’ll be sure I’m the hacker:

I hacked Comodo from, their CEO’s e-mail address
Their Comodo username/password was: user: gtadmin password: globaltrust

Their DB name was: globaltrust and instantsslcms

Enough said, huh? Yes, enough said, someone who should know already knows…
Anyway, at first I should mention we have no relation to Iranian Cyber Army, we don’t change DNSes, we just hack and own.

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DHS Terrorism Informatics – Fusion Centers are Socially Irresponsible

Terrorism Informatics:  “The application of advanced methodologies and information fusion and analysis techniques to acquire, integrate, process, analyze, and manage the diversity of terrorism-related information for national/international and homeland security-related applications” Source:

Homeland Security - Fighting Terrorism Since 1492

By now, we all should know what a Department of Homeland Security Fusion Center is.  What you may not know is how they work, and as they say, the devil’s in the details.

Fusion Center FAQ: Fusion Center Guidelines for Law Enforcement (original location)

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Big Brother Supporters – Countries, Corporations, and Corruption Big Brother map

Surveillance Who’s Who

Surveillance Who’s Who exposes the government agencies that attended six ISS World conferences between 2006 and 2009. ISS world is a surveillance trade show known to industry insiders as ‘The Wiretappers’ Ball’. This project is part of our Big Brother Incorporated investigation into the sale of surveillance technology. Read more…

Help us investigate
ISS World is attended by brutal dictatorships and Western democracies alike. Governments and companies from all over the world meet, mingle, buy and sell – we want to know who’s dealing with who. Many countries publish government spending, which you can use in conjunction with our data and the WikiLeaks Spyfiles to dig around. Take direct action by submitting Freedom of Information requests or writing to your elected representative. A little data goes a long way in this sort of investigation. Join our discussion list to be kept up to date and share your findings.

Surveillance Who’s Who exposes the government agencies that attended six ISS World conferences between 2006 and 2009. ISS world is a surveillance trade show known to industry insiders as ‘The Wiretappers’ Ball’. This project is part of our Big Brother Incorporated investigation into the sale of surveillance technology. Read more…

Privacy International Big Brother Company Map
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Big Brother is Watching – Privacy, Censorship, and Staying Anonymous

Big Brother is Watching You - - R3zn8DThe freedom of our internet is at stake, 1984 is here, Big Brother is watching you, tracking your every move, and he is slowly dissolving your connections to uncensored content.  Google’s actions have prompted me to write a “State of the Internet” address regarding our current Orwellian existence.

In addition to Google’s new privacy concerns, this page will seek to document any programs, software, and companies or organizations that help fund, effect, or support censorship and/or tracking on the internet; as well as ways to protect yourself and browse anonymously online.  This page will be updated from time to time with no notice.

Protip: click the links in the following paragraph to see how each of these Google services cause great concern for privacy advocates.

Google is the world’s most popular search engine, and YouTube (owned by Google) is the world’s most popular video hosting site.  Google also offers tons of other services, like Gmail, the world’s most popular online email service, Google Maps, the world’s most popular mapping software, who’s Street View cars recorded local WIFI’s in your homes and geolocated them. The two services of greatest concern for privacy advocates are Google Analytics and Google Safe BrowsingGoogle Chrome is Google’s own browser, combines all of the above mentioned services together like Voltron’s Big Brother.  Google’s mantra “do no evil” is now officially riding the fail whale.

Now Google has “up and done it“.

“The main change is for users with Google Accounts. Our new Privacy Policy makes clear that, if you’re signed in, we may combine information you’ve provided from one service with information from other services. In short, we’ll treat you as a single user across all our products, which will mean a simpler, more intuitive Google experience.”

The idea is to consolidate all your online activities into a single profile that tells their marketing clients and law enforcement anything they want to know about Joe Smith, 221 Mockingbird Lane.  Privacy advocates are up in arms.  You should be too, read on and I’ll take you on a tour of modern day Big Brother.

Never trust your own eyes, believe what you are told - 1984 - Big Brother

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