Jim Lee interviewed on Truther Girls Radio discussing HAARP, Geoengineering, and Weather Modification | 1/25/2013



Tonight (1/25/2013) on Truther Girls radio my guest is the mind-blowing Jim Lee, who has worked tirelessly for the past two years to put together a 3D map of Radiation, Chemtrails and all kinds of earth changes.

You may look at this directly at http://climateviewer.com/

ClimateViewer 3D | climateviewer.com

Jim Lee is a major researcher, you can look at his web site at: rezn8d.com

Jim’s blog is at: terraforminginc.com

Jim Lee has a You Tube Channel with a world class play list that you can see by clicking HERE.

ps. I got laid off from my job of five years about 4 hours before this show… I kept on smiling and kept my obligation to the show, despite all the added stress.
Please donate if you can, my family sure could use it. My activism has cost my family a lot of time and money, and now that we have an unsure future and little savings, we sure could use some help.

the lee family


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