Fukushima, Raining Death on a State Near You!

This is a public service announcement. Your government has lied to you. The safety regulators have lied to you. The media has lied to you. You and your children are currently breathing Strontium, Cesium, Xenon, and radioactive Iodine, which is still spewing from the “active” Fukushima-Daiichi reactor complex. The irrefutable evidence I present needs to be front page news everywhere. Inform everyone.

For those who don’t know the history of the earthquake induced nuclear catastrophe, here is a great PDF with fun pictures!


Here is a nice animation of what a melthrough looks like:
Source: http://ex-skf.blogspot.com/2011/07/melt-through-simulation-created-by.html


These images were mirrored from the Norwegian Institute of Air Science
They appear to be a simulation of the spread of radioactive particles during May of 2011 from the Fukushima plant, across the Pacific, spreading eastward well into the Atlantic, as far as the UK.

Radioactive Iodine 131 – Fukushima Fallout

Radiactive Cesium 137 – Fukushima Fallout

Radiactive Xenon 133 – Fukushima Fallout

The next series of images are from Koln University, Germany

Universität zu Köln

Radiation Detected – http://db.eurad.uni-koeln.de/prognose/data/alert/animation.gif
More images: http://db.eurad.uni-koeln.de/prognose/data/alert/

Cesium Worldwide Aerial Plume

Fukushima worldwide fallout Cesium ddcs_hem_1h_movtotal_1

View the 80MB Gif animation of the Cesium worldwide spread, will blow your mind!

Fukushima Ocean Impact Map



Fukushima postings at Energy News

Former official at Japan’s Nuclear Safety Commission discusses radioactive contamination from “black rain”

Report: 76 trillion becquerels of Plutonium-239 released from Fukushima — 23,000 times higher than previously announced

Independent: Why Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl; “Now the truth is coming out” — 72,000 times worse than Hiroshima 


Japan ignored own radiation forecasts

U.S. wasn’t fully prepared for radiation risks following Japan earthquake, top general says

U.S. troops not exposed to high levels of toxins, radiation during quake cleanup, military says

Towns near Fukushima power plant could be off limits for decades

Fairewinds Associates

Over at Fairewinds, you can find tons of updates on Fukushima and the blatant coverup of the facts.  http://fairewinds.com/updates Here is a sample:

In a new revelation, the NRC claims that the plutonium found more than 1 mile offsite actually came from inside the nuclear reactors. If such a statement were true, it indicates that the nuclear power plant containments failed and were breached with debris landing far from the power plants themselves. Such a failure of the containment system certainly necessitates a complete review of all US reactor containment design and industry assurances that containments will hold in radioactivity in the event of a nuclear accident.

New TEPCO data measured on August 19 & 20 shows severe damage to the spent fuel in Fukushima Daiichi Units 1, 2, and 3. The adjacent TEPCO table posted on the front page shows incredibly high levels of Cesium 137 and Cesium 134 in all three spent fuel pools of Units 1, 2, & 3. This TEPCO data clearly contradicts and refutes the July assertion by the NRC the Fukushima Daiichi spent fuel pools were not damaged in this tragic accident. Crytome (cry to me) has a new high resolution photo, also uploaded, that shows the extensive damage of the Unit 3 spent fuel pool and the reactor building.

Ministry of Education & Science in Japan

Daily Reading of environmental radioactivity level by prefecture


Enough Evidence?

So what are they doing about all this radiation released?

On the Implementation of Emergency Safety Measures Other Power Plants drawn from from the the 2011 Accident at Fukushima Dai‐ichi and Dai‐ni Nuclear Power Stations (Minister’s Instructions, Released on March 30th)
So they made a plan to fix the other reactors, sure that’ll happen real fast.  What about the radiation in the air, ground, water, and food?
They know that a hydrogen explosion occurred expelling massive amounts of radiation into the upper atmosphere, spent fuel rods were found more than a mile away in the ocean, thick black rain is falling in Honshu, and now they are saying the public SHOULDN’T KNOW!

Fukushima media coverage ‘may be harmful’

Source: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn20843-fukushima-media-coverage-may-be-harmful.html

One report, in UK newspaper The Independent, quoted a scientist who predicted more than a million would die, and that the prolonged release of radioactivity from Fukushima would make health effects worse than those from the sudden release experienced at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in Ukraine.
“We’ve got to stop these sorts of reports coming out, because they are really upsetting the Japanese population,” says Gerry Thomas at Imperial College London, who is attending the meeting. “The media has a hell of a lot of responsibility here, because the worst post-Chernobyl effects were the psychological consequences and this shouldn’t happen again.”

Shame on you lying motherfuckers, the whole of North America is being poisoned too, and should we not know?!? The Japanese people are going to die, and millions/billions more will die as well if the Nuclear Power Thug Cartels aren’t stopped.  The only reason we are using these dirty power generators is to supply weapons makers and pharma with the byproducts of burning this shit in the first place.  Stop the profits at our expense!

Who is to blame here?

This guy knows who to point a finger at:

Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (Japan)
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
The Environmental Protection Agency
The International Atomic Energy Agency
EMEP (European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme)

Shut down the nuclear plants.




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